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Human Action: A Treatise on Economics, by Ludwig von Mises

July 16, 2010

Fourth revised edition, Bettina Bien Greaves, 1996

Mises wrote about his book: “Economics does not allow any breaking up into special branches. It invariably deals with the interconnectedness of all phenomena of acting and economizing. All economic facts mutually condition one another. Each of the various economic problems must be dealt with in the frame of a comprehensive system assigning its due place and weight to every aspect of human wants and desires. All monographs remain fragmentary if not integrated into a systematic treatment of the whole body of social and economic relations. To provide such a comprehensive analysis is the task of my book Human Action, a Treatise on Economics. It is the consummation of lifelong studies and investigations, the precipitate of half a century of experience.” (From Chapter 10 of Economic Freedom and Interventionism)

First edition of Human Action was published in 1949.

Online version: at
Download (PDF): humanaction.pdf has several versions available.
Download Czech translation (PDF): Lidské jednání (at


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