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Review of Mises’s Human Action by Henry Hazlitt

October 8, 2010

American journalist Henry Hazlitt wrote a review of Human Action when it was published for the first time. The review appeared in his Newsweek column on September 19, 1949. Now it was published on-line by The Freeman:

“There has just been published by the Yale University Press a book that is destined to become a landmark in the progress of economies. Its title is Human Action, and its author is Ludwig von Mises. It is the consummation of half a century of experience, study, and rigorous thought.

No living writer has a more thorough knowledge of the history and literature of economies than Mises, and yet no living writer has been to more pains to take no solution of any problem on faith, but to think out each solution, step by verified step, for himself. The result is a work of great originality written in a great tradition. Although it builds on what was sound in the classical economists and on the revolutionary revision of Menger, Böhm-Bawerk, Jevons, Clark, and Wicksteed, it extends beyond any previous work the logical unity and precision of modern economic analysis.”

You can read the whole review at The Freeman.


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